Our Commitments

Carte understands that the continuum of business requires appropriate engagement between our Customers, our Employees, our Community and our Suppliers.  The business efforts that create and foster the linkages and relationships among the various stakeholders is what sustains the business for the long-term.  Carte has worked to strike an effective balance among our key stakeholders with a view towards long-term success that is mutually beneficial.




Our Customers – Carte’s most prominent commitment is to our customers.  Our customers place their trust with Carte to provide the critical equipment they require to operate their systems. We strive to meet all of our customers’ requirements and do so in a timely manner.






Our workers – Carte’s employees are our single most important asset.  Carte is committed to providing our Team a safe and engaging work environment.  Carte’s commitment to it’s employees is rewarded with many long-term employees that have spent their entire working career at Carte, comfortable in the knowledge they are doing a job well and being recognized for their efforts.  We value the dedication and experience of our Team – Carte’s success is a result of our people.



Community 1.jpg

Our community – Carte is committed to our community in terms of knowing our place to support community initiatives for long term benefit.  We understand that the vitality of our community needs support from all stakeholders. Carte embraces the notion that we need our community and our community needs us.  We support our community to develop the labour pool we need to draw from to enable our business objectives. We do our part to support a range of local organizations to help them to do their work make our community strong and vital.  Carte is active in the annual United Way campaign and has made special focus on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (located in Winnipeg), demonstrating our commitment on a local and national level to long-term community involvement.


IMG_2055[1] Our suppliers – Carte is committed to our supplier base and supporting the key role that they play in enabling Carte to execute on its business plans.  Our suppliers have demonstrated their support to our efforts and understand the role they play in Carte meeting the needs of our customers.  Our Supply Chain is strong and has demonstrated it is ready to grow with Carte as we evolve and adapt to changing markets.