Three Phase Polemount

3POLEonPOLE Img_0015Product Range – 30 kVA to 500 kVA
Primary Voltage – from 600 volts (30 KV BIL) to 34500 (200 KV BIL)
Secondary Voltage – from 208Y/120 to 12470Y/7200 volts.

Carte’s three phase polemount product is another product with a flexible design platform.  A wide range of ratings and options are possible depending on the specific needs of the utility or the installation.  Many different non-standard three phase polemounts have been designed and built over the years.

Rectangular tank, circular tank and vertically stacked assemblies (tall circular tank) are all possible depending on ratings, features and options.  All products comply with IEEE or CSA and are available in oil or FR3 filled designs.  Primary taps, dual voltage ratings and lightning arrester (provision or installed) are common requests.