IMG_2713[1]Carte manufactures a broad range of liquid-filled transformer products.  Our product scope extends from 10 KVA to 10,000 KVA and up to 50 kV class.  Our strength is in engineered-to-order products spanning the breadth of our product range. Carte’s creative design approach and flexible manufacturing processes enable Carte to align the customer expectations with transformer functionality.

Carte’s single phase products (overhead, padmount, submersible) up to 333 kVA feature a fully interleaved low voltage winding.  The interleaved (or interlaced) winding more evenly balances the short circuit forces across both coils, providing exceptional short circuit withstand performance.

Carte’s coil winding methods and coil fabrication methods are consistent and robust. Transformer coils are baked in a low temperature oven to properly cure the epoxy coated thermally upgraded insulating paper.  The extra step in baking our coils helps to ensure strong short circuit withstand capability and many years of reliable service.