Three Phase Speciality


Product Range – 30 kVA to 15000 kVA
Primary Voltage – from 600 volts (30 KV BIL) to 46000 volts (250 KV BIL)
Secondary Voltage – from 208Y/120 to 12470Y/7200 volts


Carte has developed core strength in manufacturing non-standard products.  We have developed a broad design team that is able to conservatively manage non-standard product requirements. Similarly, our manufacturing team is equally adept at handling “one-off” special transformers with flexible skill sets to undertake non-standard features.  Our specialty product category truly spans our entire product portfolio.  These products could include:

– stepdown transformers (or sometimes referred to as inter-tie transformers) – available as padmounts, submersible or network

– autotransformers in a padmount style or other product styles.

– grounding transformers – these are typically provided as padmount style transformers

– non-standard vector connections such as zig-zag connected – provided as padmount or small power transformer types.


Some ratings will exceed our capabilities but we may be able to meet to specific requirements.  Give us a call!