Three Phase Small Power Transformers


Product Range – 300 kVA to 10,000 kVA
Primary Voltage – from 2400 volts (60 KV BIL) to 46000 Delta (250 KV BIL)
Secondary Voltage – from 208Y/120 to 12470Y/7200 power1

Carte’s small power transformer product line is flexible to specific requirements.  A wide range of product configurations are possible. We are able to design and build transformers with all the various combinations of cover mounted terminals, side wall mounted terminals, or end wall mounted terminals such that specific service needs can be satisfied.  Primary or secondary throats and cable compartments are also very common in this product category depending on the cabling strategy for a particular installation.

All of Carte’s small power transformers are of the sealed tank design, available as oil filled or FR3 filled; our small power products are shipped from the factory with fluid installed.  Our products comply with IEEE and CSA transformer standards.

A comprehensive range of features and options are available, including cooling fans, gauges, current transformers, potential transformers, rigid conduit, neutral ground resistors, and lightning arresters.  Special designed cable entry compartments are one of Carte’s strength, matching the newly shipped equipment to existing retrofit requirements.