Workplace Safety

Carte International Inc. regards its employees as the most valued assets of the Company. As such, it is the policy of the Company to provide a safe and healthy work environment through a proactive occupational safety and health effort. We believe that protecting the health and safety of all of our employees as well as the health and safety of visitors and contractors while on our premises is of the utmost importance.

In fulfilling this commitment we will provide and maintain a safe and healthful work environment as indicated by acceptable industry standards and compliance with legislative requirements. We will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards, which may result in accidents, personal injuries or illnesses, fires, security losses or property damage.Safety 3.jpg

Training is central to Carte’s workplace safety efforts.  Staff receive training in job specific safety topics, such as fork-lift training, but company wide training is undertaken for more general topics such as hearing protection, WHMIS training, and ergonomics.

Carte has a full-time Safety Manager to oversee Carte’s workplace safety efforts.  While the primary focus is the manufacturing area, office and managerial areas are also covered with WHMIS training, hearing checks, and general safety awareness. Safety is prominent at Carte, for everyone’s sake.

Nothing is more important than Workplace safety.  Accidents can happen in so many ways as we conduct our jobs so we all have to be thinking  Safety First.