Environmental Commitments

Padmount with trees

Carte understands and accepts its responsibility to the greater community as a whole, which extends to its use of and impact on the environment.   Environmental sustainability is consistent with the practice of Lean and Quality; all of which are based on the principal of continuous improvement.

We each have a responsibility to be care for the environment in a prudent manner.  At Carte, we work to miminize our energy use, to limit our solid waste products through recycling and re-use and to properly control and dispose of process by-products, such as scrap oil and paint sludge. We are working on projects to reduce our consumption of water.

Recycling of scrap materials is a key focus at Carte and we have been active in this regard for many years.  We actively recycle: mild steel, stainless steel, electrical steel, copper, aluminum, cardboard/paper and wood. Our strong focus on recycling ensures our solid waste impact is minimal.


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