From the CEO


Carte’s role as a manufacturer of liquid filled distribution and specialty transformers is to make our customer’s successful.  To accomplish this and to win our customers’ confidence, we clearly understand that we need to build high quality products and deliver them on-time.  Our success in the market confirms that we have established a high level of trust with our customers and we strive every single day to uphold that trust.

I am truly pleased to lead a great Team at Carte.  I am proud of the products we make.  I am proud of the list of long term customers that rely on our products. Carte plays an important role in the North America electrical industry, being a key supplier to many of the largest electrical Utility customers in the USA and Canada.  It is a role that we are proud of at Carte and we focus each day to fulfill our commitment. Our strength is our People.  Carte is about people and this is what really enables Carte to build solid, robust products that our customers can count on to do the job. The transformers we provide to our customers are made with care and our Team takes those extra steps to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.  Meeting the technical requirements of our customers in a responsible and sensitive manner is what we do well.


Having been at Carte for over 30 years now, I have seen many changes in our industry.  One thing that has remained constant over the years is our commitment to our customers.  I have told many customers personally that we do not want your order – our goal is to win your business.  It is those long-term relationships, in some cases spanning many years now, that are most gratifying as we have helped our Customers succeed.