Carte International supplies product all across North America.  From the East Coast to the West Coast to the Gulf Coast and the Arctic, Carte has customers all over North America.  In particular, we have a strong focus on the Utility sector of the North American liquid-filled transformer market.  Carte is pleased to work with many of the largest Utilities in North America.  Carte has partnered with many different Utilities in providing specialty products for demanding installations.  Our business model of fostering long-term supply relationships now includes many Utility Partnerships, in some cases spanning over 20 years.  Select export opportunities are explored, particularly where non-standard or sub-surface products with very high quality are required.

Carte InternationalCarte also serves the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.  We are able to custom-engineer a variety of products for replacement or retro-fit applications.  Our creative design approach and flexible manufacturing methods enable Carte to meet our Customer’s needs when tight dimensions or weight limitations or other site constraints require a special solution.  With our broad product range, we are able to provide a range of transformer solutions to most customers.