Our History


Circa 1973

Carte International was established when a group of Winnipeg businessmen established a joint-venture with RTE Corporation, a large US transformer manufacturer.

CAnadian RTE or Carte Electric was born April 1973.   The inital Carte Electric building was approximately 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space and was focused only on single phase overhead transformers.   Over the years, the plant was expanded several times to manage the Company’s growth and reach into new markets.  A significant plant addition was completed in 2014 bringing the total manufacturing area to 115,000 square feet.


Circa 1979


Many product line extensions were made over the years to the point where Carte now features a complete line of single phase and three phase liquid filled distribution transformer products.

Our roots in custom-engineered products dates back to Carte’s early days and that engineered-to-order tradition continues today.  We continue to strive to exactly meet our customer’s requirements.



Circa 1974

From small beginnings a solid foundation of well-made products was established.  Carte’s culture for doing things well and being accountable to our customers is carried forward with our dedicated Team today, making improvements that will make Carte strong for many years into the future.