Single Phase Submersible

IMG_1722Product Range – 5 kVA to 500 kVA
Primary Voltage – from 600 volts (30 KV BIL) to 34500 (200 KV BIL)
Secondary Voltage – from 120 to 4160 volts.

Carte submersible transformers feature welded covers and durable & tough paint systems to meet the tough operating conditions often seen by submersible products.  High voltage and low voltage bushings are typically weld-in.  Some designs feature only welded components.  Fusing, load-break switches, interlocked fusing and gauges are common features.  Stainless steel terminal markings are another commonly requested feature.  Submersible products are available in oil or FR3 filled options.


Non-standard kVA and voltage ratings are possible.  Carte is able to engineer-to-order your single phase submersible transformers to meet your specification. Products are built in accordance with IEEE and CSA transformer specifications in addition to specific user requirements.

Carte submersibles feature robust design and a durable paint finish.   Stainless steel tank options (304L or  316L) are also available.