Three Phase Padmount Products

Carte International

Product Range – 30 kVA to 10,000 kVA
Primary Voltage – from 600 volts (30 KV BIL) to 34500 Delta (200 KV BIL)
Secondary Voltage – from 208Y/120 to 12470Y/7200 volts.


Carte has a wide range of padmount transformer options, from small 30 KVA transformers to large 10,000 KVA padmounts.  Conventional padmounts, stepdown rated padmounts, autotransformers, zig-zag connected and many other special ratings are possible to meet your needs.  IMG_1733

All Carte padmounts feature a tamperproof design suitable for installation without a fenced enclosure.  Our padmount transformers are engineered-to-order to specific technical requirements.  Our products comply with IEEE and CSA transformer standards and are available in oil and FR3 filled options.

Our padmount transformers often are required with a wide range of features and options, including fusing, tap switches, dual voltage switches, loadbreak switches, gauges for monitoring oil temperature, etc.  Tanks are typically carbon steel but stainless steel tank  options (304L or 316L) are also possible.

Padmount with trees