At A Glance

Carte’s products are built with care and high quality to the exacting standards of our customers.  Our products are robust, built to handle the rigorous operating conditions of the real world.  Our product range is from 1 KVA single phase to 10 MVA three phase, from overhead products, to padmounts products, to a complete line of submersible and network products.  We have the complete line!

IMG_1866Carte has a strong focus on the Utility sector of the transformer market.  Carte understands how Utilities work and the quality and service standards that need to be met to foster a long-term business relationship that will span many years.



We have strength in designing and manufacturing non-standard products that require special features to solve a particular operational challenge.   We have depth in our design scope and flexibility in our manufacturing areas to solve many non-standard product challenges.




Carte has embraced Lean Manufacturing as our key platform for continuous improvement.  Our Team is working to transform Carte to become even more adaptive and responsive to the changing demand and requirements of the market. We strive every day to make our products better, our processes better and enhance our customer relationships.  Lean manufacturing provides a broad platform for continuous improvement in our organization.

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